Chief Appraiser / Consultant at Scardilli Appraisal Associates (and predecessor), Galloway, NJ (1984-1999)

During this time, I converted my family real estate business into an appraisal practice. After working on contract assignments with MAI appraisers in other parts of the state, I earned the MAI designation in 1991.  Following the “S&L Crisis” of that time, my appraisal “shop” grew to six full-time and two part-time appraisers, with three support staff. When banking regulations were changed after the "Crisis" subsided, I shrunk my operation back down and once again became a solo practitioner.

Appraisal assignments included:


  • Vacant land
  • Partially gutted homes
  • Unfinished/partially sold condominium complexes and subdivisions
  • Large and small office and industrial buildings
  • Boardwalk condos
  • Storefronts and mixed use buildings
  • Amusement piers
  • Beaches and other environmentally sensitive land;
  • Participation in casino-hotel appraisals 


I prepared litigation appraisals, negotiated tax appeal settlements, testified in federal and state courts, as well as before county and municipal land use boards, and advised municipal officials regarding property sales and purchases.