Pre-Licensing Real Estate Experience, Absecon, NJ (1960-71)

When I was in grade school, my father had his first real estate office in our family room. When he bought what was a small “land office” near 8th Avenue and the White Horse Pike in Galloway, I helped renovate the building.

I cleaned out the first FHA “repo” my father bought when I was in grade school, as well as others after that one. When Dad had a listing that was going to go to foreclosure, he would give the owner enough money to rent an apartment and take over the payments, after working out an arrangement with the bank.

 My father took me along with him when held an open house on the weekends. After church, he and I would go to a local builder’s sample home and I would watch and listen. Sometimes he had to go show another home and I stayed at the sample to make sure that we did not loose any customers while he was gone.

 When I was in high school, I designed several buildings, including a barn that we converted into a duplex. While in college and afterward, I worked with construction crews building single-family detached homes in the Absecon-Galloway area.