Of Counsel to Special Tax Counsel Law Firm (2006-8)

As part of the firm’s team working on contract to defend tax assessments and perform related legal work for the City of Atlantic City, my work included:

  • ·      Due diligence of tax appeal petitions and appropriateness of counter appeal;
  • ·      Research & develop legal & valuation theories of the case;
  • ·      Drafting interrogatory requests and responses, motions, requests to produce discovery;
  • ·      Review & analysis of discovery;
  • ·      Research of public domain data to challenge adversary’s discovery assertions;
  • ·      Legal review of appraisal reports 
    • quantitative analysis
    • appraisal theory
    • economic principles
    • regulatory compliance;
  • ·      Creation of an electronic discovery data base and electronic decision-making tools;
  • ·      Case management and/or settlement conferences with the court and/or adversary;
  • ·      Preparation of trial materials

As part of a work group of firm members, other outside professionals, along with City & State officials, I was instrumental in developing a legal framework & implementation strategy for the City of Atlantic City’s:

  • ·      First-in-state property tax revaluation phase-in; and
  • ·      First-in-state trust fund for the monetization of a municipal asset (est $800 M)

As Associate General Counsel for the Atlantic City Housing Authority, my assignments included:

  • ·      Resolution of HUD issues;
  • ·      Ethics reviews;
  • ·      Purchasing manual revisions     

In private sector client real estate representations, I successfully:

  • ·      Negotiated real estate transactions
    • deal points
    • reviewed documents 
    • attorney closing opinion for multifamily housing acquisition;
  • ·      Negotiated tax liens

On several occasions, during this period, and afterward, I sat in for the firm's senior partner as Zoning Board Attorney for a large Atlantic County township.